Big news! Disenchanted has found a publisher

Am I excited? Well, yeah. When I can convince myself that this is really happening. I wrote Disenchanted years ago, found an agent, had agent woes, and put all writing aside when I was battling health issues. When I came back to the writing table, I decided I had had enough of tiny niches and started working on something entirely different. (Clairvoyant, in case you're wondering.) And then I was on Twitter one day, and they were having a pitch slam. Essentially, you present your book in140 characters (just try it!) and participating agents and editors can ask you to send them the full query. I threw out a single tweet on a whim and got an immediate nibble. The editor in question ended up asking for the full manuscript. Some time later, she resigned, and my manuscript slipped between the cracks. I finally contacted another editor, who invited me to send it in again. She ultimately turned it down, while saying some very nice things about my writing. In the meanwhile, I had also submitted it to Booktrope, again, more or less on a whim. That was going to be my last try before I set it aside for a few more years. I was rather shocked to hear back in short order. So the contract is now signed and we will be moving on from there.

And my flash fiction piece "The Red Dress" was accepted at Every Writer's Resource and is still, at this writing, featured on the Home Page. Pretty cool. It's been a good week.