Short fiction: to post or submit?

This is a question for writers. When you write a piece of short fiction, do you prefer to put it on your website for your readers right away, or submit it to various publications? I can think of valid arguments for each practice.

Posting it on your website caters to your readers directly, gives them something to chew on between novels, and can even serve to attract new readers.

Submitting to publications can actually earn some money, gives you something to put on your resumé, and once your short story has been published, you can always put it up on your website anyway. And being published elsewhere can introduce your work to people who otherwise would have found it.

Complicating things for me is that my short fiction tends to be different from my novels. My long fiction tends to have a speculative element, usually very strong. My short fiction tends to be darker and more literary. I'm not too sure why; perhaps because I prefer darkness in small doses? 

So what do you prefer to do, and why?