Get down with the Awethors

This coming Sunday, April 12, I will be participating in a Facebook event that will draw together readers and a large number of authors. You can go to the Awethors Facebook group any time that day to interact with more than 150 authors. It is a world-wide event so it will actually go longer than 24 hours, kicking off in the morning UK time. You can also participate on Twitter with the hashtag #awethors. There will be prizes, and you can ask questions of the authors. I will come in around 2pm EDT to introduce myself and Disenchanted, to tell people about the April contest and to invite everyone to come read the first few chapters of Disenchanted. I will post them here on my website for two days only: Sunday and Monday.

So please come around and say hi, and save up your questions. If you post them here in the comments, I'll have time to think up fancy answers, LOL!