A note to Canadian readers

The only Canadian website supplying paperback copies of Disenchanted to consumers is Amazon.ca. Unfortunately, like too many American retailers, Amazon does not supply the same level of service to its non-American customers. What this means for you as a consumer is that if you try to buy Disenchanted in paperback format, you will get a message saying that it is temporarily out of stock. That message will never change. But it is misleading. It just means the book is not printed or warehoused in Canada. So you have several options.

  • You can order it on Amazon.ca anyway. You will get it eventually, but it will take longer than normal orders.
  • You can order it from Barnes and Noble. Shipping will probably be more, but you will get it faster.
  • You can order it directly from me. I am still working out the details of this, but it will not cost more than an Amazon order, plus you will get it signed. Because I am not always in Canada, I can't always offer personalization unless you are willing to wait. This option will probably be cheaper than Barnes and Noble, and faster than Amazon.
  • You can get the eBook.