Guest-blogging at Finding the True Fairy Tale

The Word Changers

Today I am guest-blogging at Ashlee Willis's website, Finding the True Fairy Tale. There I explain why a woman on the downside slope of middle age wrote a novel in a genre that traditionally appeals more to young men than mature women. (The fact that I haven't fully grown up was never mentioned, primarily because I was the one writing the post.)

Click through to find my post about finding the story of Coventree.

Ashlee is the author of The Word Changers, a story about a girl who falls into a storybook and finds herself replacing the princess. She comes to the disturbing realization that the princess deliberately escaped, but what was she escaping? Ashlee's short story "A Wish Made of Glass", an adaptation of the Cinderella theme, is coming out soon, and in honour of that she is doing a series of interviews with other authors of Cinderella rewrites. Fairy-tale lovers, you have been advised.