Coventree: The Basic Beliefs of Wizardry

Wizardry (which is always capitalized in Coventree) is similar in many ways to modern Wicca, although it has evolved in somewhat different directions and taken on a much more rigid structure because it is a state religion. In the kingdom of Coventree, attempts have been made to keep magic “white” with curse-casting more or less forbidden. But some curses are handed down, especially against vermin and threats to crops, and human nature being what it is, some innovate minds have looked for ways to expand their use. Coventrean wizards do believe in the Threefold Rule though, which states that whatever they do for good or evil will come back to them threefold. That is usually enough to keep most practitioners of magic in line.

They invoke the gods and goddesses, or Mighty Ones, in their public rituals, and in most of their spellcasting. There is some dispute among Coventree scholars over whether a difference exists between Gods/Goddesses and the Mighty Ones. Some, nervous about the close relationship between the Mighty Ones and the Black Priesthood, like to make a distinction. Others argue that the Black Priesthood has been presumptuous in calling their spirit allies Mighty Ones, and that they are really something else altogether. Which goes to show you that theologians are pretty much the same, whatever world you may find them in.

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