Disenchanted by Janet Ursel, cover design by Greg Simanson

Disenchanted by Janet Ursel, cover design by Greg Simanson

In this Christian fantasy, one young wizard with a hunger for wisdom and some dangerous secrets finds himself pitted against another ready to reach for power with the darkest forces possible.

Wizards have never in the history of Coventree renounced Wizardry. But Blayn Goodwin finds himself growing detached from the practice of Wizardry, even as he rises through the ranks to become the youngest member of the Supreme Council. He has lost interest in the usual gods in favor of a god without a name, not that he makes that fact public.

Edgar Savile has his own traitorous secrets and kidnaps Blayn’s eldest son to prevent Blayn from probing into them. Meanwhile the Supreme Wizard, suspicious of Edgar, sends Blayn to retrieve an ancient book from the Other World, hoping it will arm them against Edgar’s treachery.

What Blayn finds is not what anyone expects, and threatens to tear Coventree’s fraying system apart at the seams.

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Early Praise

“An intriguing and sometimes chilling tale of faith lost and rediscovered, Disenchanted is part fairy tale, part dystopia, part alternate history. An original debut from a promising new author.”
Rachel Starr Thomson, author of The Seventh World Trilogy, The Oneness Cycle, and other books.

“An engaging and intelligent debut novel about faith and transformation, whose thoughtful message is contained in an exciting story featuring vivid characters and original worldbuilding. A very satisfying read!”
Victoria Strauss, author of The Burning Land

Review Links below...

Review Links

Vanessa Wells - Beautiful Feet Toronto
"So when I embarked on Janet Ursel’s upcoming fantasy novel Disenchanted, I didn’t expect to be hooked to the point of not making dinner that night and reading a third of it in one go, after a full day of other editing work...  this is a multi-dimensional treatment of fantasy that Ursel makes work beautifully."
"It’s hard to write well in any one type of story, but this novel involves fantasy, magic, intrigue and love, all of which hit the mark."
"In a time when fantasy has become popular again, Ursel’s novel is sure to do well: it is utterly charming and yet has the substance to make it a satisfying and thoughtful read. There is historical allusion, the theme of brokenness and the hope of conversion. This is a debut novel that gets a big checkmark from me, the fantasy-skeptic."

Peter Younghusband - The Christian Fiction Guru
"All in all a wonderful fantasy world rich in its characters, plot, spirituality, world building and is pure entertainment and enjoyment. Highly Recommended"

David Bergsland - Reality Calling
"What a joy it was to get a book I can recommend without equivocation."

Kandi J. Wyatt - KANDIJWYATT
"Janet Ursel is a master weaver. Instead of threads, she uses words. Instead of a tapestry, she weaves a complex story of revenge, redemption, and love set in a different world... One of the best reads I have had this year."

Emerald Barnes - Dreaming Awake
"But boy, once I started to see what was going on, I couldn’t get enough! This novel will keep you on your toes, trying to figure out how it will end, and it will show you the power of God in a world where God had been forgotten for hundreds of years. True love, between God and humans and humans and humans, will prevail, and so will the power of God. If you love Christian fantasy novels, this one is for you!"